At Ozmac we make custom hydraulic cylinders to a customer’s specifications in quantities from one up.

We have built highly specialised cylinders for specific applications, including:

  • cylinders capable of 10,000psi
  • cylinders that can be submerged in salt water for special marine applications
  • cylinders that work in 50 degrees below 0 in freezer room applications
  • very small, light application cylinders

Some big firms don’t take on custom jobs, but at OZmac we enjoy the challenge.

Precise workmanship
Precise workmanship

Our managing director David McLean does the design and specifications based on input from the customer and engineers. The drawings go the OZmac’s machine shop for manufacture, welding and assembly. We rigorously test the end product to make sure it does the job it’s meant to do in the conditions where it will be used.

Contact us to discuss your custom cylinder needs, no matter how big or small.