Ozmac is the hydraulic cylinder repair specialist. We help you extend the life of your valuable plant and equipment.

Working on a cylinder
Working on a cylinder

Whether your cylinder is damaged, worn, due for a service or inspection or ready for refurbishment, we can help. Bring us your cylinder and we will test and inspect it thoroughly, identify problems, provide you with a written report, then undertake repairs as required. To complete the process we reassemble then test the cylinder.

We carry a massive range of pre-made chrome bar and hone tube in metric and imperial sizes to suit the forklift industry, which gives us the edge in repair turn around times. For non-standard jobs, we can manufacture replacement parts on-site at a fraction of the price of the original.

We are well-equipped for hydraulic cylinder repair in forklifts and other heavy machinery including:

  • stripping down, resealing and assembling – we do this delicate work in an ultra-clean environment, inspecting components thoroughly, measuring tolerances accurately and testing cylinders to maximum capacity
  • honing – our specialised 4m honing bench automates the honing process, providing fast, low-cost, high quality results. We can hone cylinders to .030 oversize of any size
  • machining – we do a wide range of machining work including deep hole drilling, threading and milling.

Servicing: each cylinder is different, and the service cycle will depend on the type of cylinder, the type of work and the environment in which it is used. We service the full range of hydraulic cylinders to keep them working at top form.

Inspections: Ozmac undertakes 10 yearly inspections of hydraulic cylinders used in people-lifting applications as required by law.